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GameMaker:Studio seems like a good way to learn how to program. I was reading some advice on making games when I saw that an indie artist-turned game-programmer had made the first version of a game called "Spelunky" with GameMaker, and after seeing some success he was able to make a much nicer version for the XBox.

HeartBeast's GameMaker tutorials

rm2kdev's GameMaker tutorial series: ... gnvUxHklnj

Books on GameMaker

Paid Books:
GameMaker Studio Book Intermediate Guide

Tower Defense: GameMaker: Studio (GameMaker: Studio Tutorials Book 1)

GameMaker Language: An In-Depth Guide

GameMaker Studio Book Beginner's Guide

GameMaker: Studio For Dummies

GameMaker Game Programming with GML

Game Maker for Beginners

Game Maker Studio Practical Tips & Techniques 2013 Edition Vol. 1

Game Maker Studio GML Programming Practical Tips & Techniques 2013 Edition Vol. 2

HTML5 Game Development with GameMaker

Computer Game Development: An Introduction to GameMaker

Game Maker Book 1

The Game Maker's Apprentice (official book)

The Game Maker's Companion (official book)

ICT Topics - Creating Games with GameMaker

Basics of Game Maker

Game Maker 8 Game Creation: Practical Tips & Techniques Vol. 1 Second Edition

Game Maker 8 Game Creation GML Programming: Practical Tips & Techniques Vol 2

2012 Game Maker 8 Game Creation Student Workbook for Video Game Design Class - VOLUME ONE

2012 Game Maker 8 Game Creation Student Workbook for Video Game Design Class - VOLUME TWO

Introduction to Game Maker Lite

Basic Projects in Game Maker

Getting Started with Game Maker

Basic Game Design & Creation for Fun & Learning (Game Development Series)

Designing Educational Computer Games

Game Maker Software Development and Programming

Free Ebooks:
The Beginner's Guide to GML

GameMaker Studio Book - GML Tips & Tricks

Easy GML

Beginner's Guide to Game Maker 8 Programming

Learning GML

Guide to Good Programming and Game Making Practices with Game Maker

Someone on Amazon recommended the following progression of books:


Unreal Engine

  • 2014.08.14 - MartianCraft - An Unreal Decision (switching from Unity to UE4)
    • ... ign=buffer
    • Main ideas:
      - The Unity editor is 32bit and thus limited to using ~3gb of ram, so they were getting lot of crashes when they ran out of memory.
      - They felt like Unity wasn't responsive enough to their requests for help
      - Unity is dev-focused, so their artists felt like second-class citizens
      - It would take 45 mins to load the project, and if they wanted to avoid that they would have to pay an extra $500 per team member.
      - "The real issue was that Unity seems to have been built for very small development teams."
      - UE4 seems to be going after Unity's market: they used to charge 25% of gross over $50,000, but now they just charge $20/mo plus 5% of gross.
      - It looks way better than Unity, it runs great on iOS, you can build straight to iOS.
      - A big reason they hadn't used UE before was that there was no Mac version, but this was fixed with UE4.
      - UE4 introduces a new visual programming language called Blueprint which is apparently really easy to use and powerful.