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A reminder: I have unrefined drafts of ideas on this wiki, and I discuss controversial and complicated topics. Please excuse anything I say that’s uninformed; if you let me know how I’m mistaken and I find you convincing, I’ll revise what I’ve written. I am no stranger to changing my mind on things.

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Major behavioral problems I need to fix

  1. Not focusing (My weaknesses)
    1. Related: Procrastinating / Anxiety / Making Excuses / "I can't do this now because ..."
      1. Related: Not tracking my time.
      2. Related: Spending too much time consuming and organizing information that may be useful in the future, and not enough time producing / selling, and consuming information that'll help me get the next small piece of my product finished.
    2. Related: Giving up / not persevering / not being persistent
      1. Fretting / panicking / reacting to a new problem with dismay rather than an aggressive attitude
    3. Related: Not sticking to my bets.
      1. I bailed out of the Trump bet at the first bump in the road rather than researching whether it was really a sign I was wrong.
    4. [Update June 2023: Stimulants solve this. 200mg-400mg of caffeine per day should be enough. Get enough sleep afterwards: don't use an alarm clock, don't have a schedule you need to stick to.]
  2. Not spending my time according to a top-down plan (My weaknesses)
    1. Related: I don't have a good system for keeping things top-of-mind that I should be keeping top-of-mind.
      1. Example: Things I can do when I have a spare moment.
      2. Example: Major weaknesses that I should be keeping an eye out for / correcting when I notice them.
  3. Feeling overwhelmed by large problems (My weaknesses)
  4. I often think too much; I spend too much time thinking about a problem instead of just trying to jump in and tackle whatever tiny piece I can get started with.
    1. [Update June 2023: Stimulants solve this.]
  5. I don't reach out to people enough. I want to be like Richard Branson when he was creating his magazine: totally comfortable with reaching out to strangers who may be able to help me.
  6. I can be a pushover at times. In trying to be friendly / a good person, I'll let people take my money/time when it's not a good deal for me.
  7. Meta: Follow the Ben Franklin approach and focus on improving a single characteristic for two weeks at a time!
  8. Minor: Not spending my money in interesting / creative ways

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