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  • I said something to geetha at interview kickstart that has stuck with me: the key to solving sudoku is to have a system for tracking all of the information you have learned, a system for tracking the rules by which you can combine information to produce new information, and a system for going through those rules and information.
    • And now I'm thinking that the same thing is true of many other fields. For example, this process of writing out my thoughts immediately is similar to my sudoku system of writing out all the numbers and tracking which ones I had eliminated. So how else could I apply the sudoku model to making progress on other areas of my life? I want to make systematic progress. I'm tired of feeling like I'm wandering around randomly.


  • 2016.07.14 - I had an epiphany yesterday where I was feeling gross from being stuck, and I stopped myself and forced myself to write out everything I had done and tried up to that point, and doing that allowed me to solve the problem where before I had been floundering. Keeping track of things in your head works well most of the time when you're dealing with small issues that you can quickly resolve by googling, but that you need to be able to switch to writing things down once it becomes clear that there are several different approaches that you are going to need to explore and keep track of.