The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande

Ch 1: he talks about how complicated hospitals are nowadays and how many different things need to be done to people to keep them alive.
Ch 2: _great_ anecdote about the B-17; it crashed on its first test flight while being operated by the best test pilot there was because he forgot a crucial step. people gave it up as being unflyable because of its complexity. then a bunch of pilots figured out that by creating a simple checklist for take-offs etc. they could avoid the stupid little mistakes that would cause disaster. the b-17 went on to fly thousands of missions without any problems.
- lesson: try to identify things you need to do which require you to remember steps and create a checklist to make sure you cover everything you want to.
gold: pages 34-35
p.36 - "all-or-nothing process": any missed step is a disaster