My movie ideas

Misc ideas

  • A person goes to a 7-11 or grocery store, buys a bunch of junk food (but not an outrageous amount, like a shopping cart full; it has to look like they're going to eat it all in one sitting), and then at the check-out counter there's some kind of fruit (an apple? banana?) and the person unloads all of their junk food on the counter, looks at it, looks at the fruit, and then they take one of the pieces of fruit and put it on their pile of junk food.
  • Make a series of movies inspired by the game "Driver".
    • The first movie should just be about the person learning the ropes.
    • The appeal of the first movie should be that it's realistic / actually teaches real tactics for getaway driving.
      • This is like the sequence in Reservoir Dogs where Mr. White is sitting in the car with the undercover cop, explaining how to conduct a bank robbery.
    • Experiment with maybe having all of the car-chases depicted in a single* camera shot, in the backseat, to heighten immersion. (* by "single" I mean "apparently single"; secret/hidden cuts are OK).
      • The problem here is that movies are all about cutting out "down time", so an unedited sequence might be boring. IDK, it would need to be experimented with.
  • jurassic park sequels idea, where it shows realistic depictions of different dinosaur eras (one era per movie, i.e. no mixing different eras unrealistically), and it cuts straight to the dinosaurs without having these boring sections of no dinosaurs, and it focuses on extremely realistic depictions of dinosaurs that the audience will not be able to get from anywhere else. It should be like a safari, except you're taking people on a safari that they cannot take in r/l because it no longer exists. That's a huge competitive advantage over YouTube and real life.
  • a ninja movie about a particular ninja that shows off stuff like you see in American Ninja Warrior. Have a scene with the ninja next to a battle samurai that shows how small the ninja is next to the big battle samurai.
  • make an actually-good movie with female leads. Show how to make a movie with female leads that isn't just pandering. Idea: a movie about two ladies who are close friends, one unattractive but smart/experienced, the other attractive but not experienced, kind of like a Midnight Cowboy dynamic. Maybe avoid the 'dumb attractive lady' cliche, make her smart but inexperienced. They benefit from each other's strengths: the attractive one gets good advice and someone who's aggressive (but not unpleasant) on her behalf, the unattractive one gets power from the access she has to the attractive one.
  • a movie about a group of friends in the future going out and dancing, with the kind of vibe of American Graffiti, but with the vibe of the opening to Get Down It's Saturday Night, where it's kind of a mellow-but-excited vibe.
  • A realistic depiction on-the-ground of what a nuclear war would look like.
    • Ditto for a biological war.
    • emerald green wasp would be a great thing to allude to in a movie
    • 17:30 - They give an example of how a movie made in a retro style but with a totally period-inappropriate plot and dialogue would be hilarious and fun to watch.
  • It would be cool if there was some way to test out really novel movie ideas in a cheap way.  For example, you could have have a period before a movie starts where movie trailers are given with just the voice narration and concept art, and people vote on what movies they'd most want to see, and then after that there's another group of movie trailers that have 'graduated' from the first group, but those have actual trailers, and people vote again, and then the results of those votes dictate which movies get made and what their budget should be.

Fun for movie fans

  • Try to pack in as many discontinuities as possible without making them noticeable by the general audience. Have a scene in the movie in which a guy is playing a game in which he steals a person's wallet and then puts it back in the person's coat pockets as many times as possible while distracting the person about something else. (So it'll be a fun way to tease the audience)


  • A guy who speaks with all of the common spelling mistakes you see in email / chat, as if he was reading from a script that had those mistakes.
    • He doesn't always say the words wrong; he says them wrong at the same frequency that someone would who isn't rereading what they write.
    • Examples: he says "qua-nit-tih-tee" instead of "quan-tih-tee", or "teh" instead of "the".
    • He isn't aware of what he's doing.
    • This isn't an interesting-enough idea to put a lot of emphasis on; it's more like a funny little detail to show in passing as part of a larger work.
    • It's probably better if he is only shown a few times and speaking in brief exchanges, so that it gradually dawns on the audience over the course of the movie what's going on with him.
      • Example: the first time he's shown, have him say a single line and make a single small / barely-noticeable mistake.