Personal Security

  • Nowadays in the US the government does a good job of keeping its citizens more-or-less safe, and so most people don't put any thought into their personal security. They just let the government deal with it.
  • However, there are still some situations in which the government does not have the same level of control, and often it seems that people don't adapt and try to protect themselves.
    • Examples
      • People may go into dangerous neighborhoods without the appropriate amount of caution.
      • People may wear expensive clothing that marks them as a target for muggings without taking appropriate cautionary measures.
      • A man who ends up with a woman (eg walking down a street) may not change his behavior to be more cautious when in fact he should.



  • 2013.12.09 - New Yorker - The Interview: Do police interrogation techniques produce false confessions?
    • On December 14, 1955, Darrel Parker came home for lunch from his job as a forester in Lincoln, Nebraska. A recent graduate of Iowa State, he had moved to Lincoln with his wife, Nancy, who worked as a dietician for a flour-and-noodle company and had a cooking show on the local television station. He found her dead in their bedroom. Her face was battered, her hands and feet were bound, and a cord had been knotted around her neck. The medical examiner later determined that she had been raped before the murder.
    • How do you make sure this does not happen to your family?