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Athlete's Foot / Jock Itch

  • 2004.06.15 - ThaiVisa.com - Athlete's Foot?
  • 2006.12.11 - ThaiVisa.com - Why Do I Always Get A 'crotch Rash'?
  • 2012.02 - AthleticBusiness.com - Properly Cleaning and Disinfecting Fitness Equipment
    • If you want to use a product that is more specific to MRSA, that's usually marked on the label.
    • There are various chemicals used as disinfectants, from environmentally friendly options containing chemical agents derived from citrus oils to older alcohol- or phenol-based cleaners. The problem with the latter two, however, is that they pose a threat to equipment.
    • According to the EPA, the requirement for most quats is that you have to have the surface wet for a minimum of 10 minutes for disinfection.
    • Schneider recommends disinfecting equipment daily (preferably at least twice a day) using a disinfectant-only aerosol spray. "What an aerosol does is break the disinfectant down into such a small particle that it will help penetrate the material and get below the surface," he explains. Disinfectant-only sprays can be sprayed and left to dry, without requiring someone to wipe off the residue.
    • "A common practice we see is using hand wipes on equipment," says Dolan. "These are generally alcohol-based wipes and are not meant for equipment."
    • The opposite situation is also a danger, says Schneider. "I have seen people take fitness wipes out of the dispenser and wipe their head, face, arms, etc. Wipes are not designed for that. You could break out in a very serious rash."
    • "There are major issues with overspray seeping into and ruining costly electronic panels, getting on another member nearby or creating a cloud of fumes," says Dolan. Schneider recommends avoiding these problems by instructing users to spray the cleaner onto the towel rather than equipment
  • 2015.02.03 - UNC - Your Lovely Guide to Ringworm and Other Gym Fungi
    • there are three closely related common fungi that can be found, and spread, at gyms, pools, and in locker rooms...The three fungal infections they cause are commonly known by the extremely pleasant names of ringworm, “athlete’s foot,” and “Jock itch.”
    • You can avoid these icky fungal infections and prevent their spread by taking a few simple precautions
      • If you’re at the gym, make use of the cleaning wipes
      • Shower off with soap right after your workout if at all possible.
      • WEAR SANDALS in the shower if you’re going to be showering off in a public, shared locker room.
      • Do not share clothing or towels with others
      • wash potentially-contaminated clothes/towels in HOT water.
      • Wear loosely fitting clothing that will not keep your skin warm or damp after a workout.
      • Change your socks and underwear at least once a day.
      • Use Lysol wipes to wipe down showers, toilets, sinks, and faucets after an infected person uses them.
    • most cases of these infections are relatively simple to treat! All you need to do is find an over-the-counter anti-fungal cream.
    • One recognizable brand is “Fast-actin Tinactin,” although most stores have a cheaper store-brand version of the same product.
    • even if the visible symptoms fade in just a few days, it’s important to follow the application instructions all the way through or the infection may return when you stop. In many cases the typical treatment period is applying the cream to the area twice a day for 10-14 days.
    • If you have athlete’s foot, apply the cream to the affected area and then put on your socks before you put on your underwear or pants to avoid spreading the infection up onto your legs or groin.
    • If you let a fungal infection go untreated for an extended period of time, or you try an over-the-counter antifungal cream and it doesn’t seem to be getting better, make sure you see your doctor to receive stronger, prescription anti-fungal drugs to help clear up the problem quickly!
  • 2015.11.10 - ThaiVisa.com - Tinea / Fungal And Other Skin Problems, Esp'y in Thailand, Experience, Advice
  • 2016 - Quora - What is appropriate gym protocol: to wipe the machines down before you use them, after, neither, or both?
    • The only issue with wiping down the equipment right before you use it is that most gym disinfectants require the equipment to be saturated with their disinfectant for 10 minutes to achieve a 99.9% kill rate of germs.
    • I always like to wipe the machines down before I use them. Then I get the benefit of knowing the machine is clean.

      I don't worry so much about wiping them down after I'm finished because my assumption is that the next person only has to worry about me having used the machine before them, and I'm mostly clean (after having just wiped everything down).

      If they choose to follow my protocol and wipe the machine down before their use, then they will have an absolutely clean machine, and will have nothing to worry about.

      If they don't, then the machine's still only had one user before them.

  • 2018.04.18 - WebMD - Good Hygiene Habits at the Gym
    • Wash your hands
    • Sanitize if you can't wash
    • Germ-proof gym equipment
    • Shower ASAP
    • Protect your feet
    • Wash and dry your clothes each time you wear them, including swimsuits and socks.
    • Cover open breaks in your skin with a waterproof bandage
    • Don't share personal care items
    • Choose a clean gym



Cell phones

Arguments that cell phones do cause cancer

  • 1993.01.03 - UPI - Lawsuit claims cellular phones cause cancer
    • David Reynard, of Madeira Beach, believes Susan Reynard, 33, died of a malignant tumor May 24 as a result of her use of a handheld portable telephone he gave her to 'make life easier' during her pregnancy. (...) A year after his wife's complication-riddled pregnancy, an MRI brainscan revealed a lesion on the left side of her brain. He claims the tumor was exactly where the telephone's antenna would be during calls.
    • William Pogue, 44, a Naples real estate appraiser, was a NEC portable user who is undergoing treatment for a malignant brain tumor as well.
  • 2017.05.22 - IT Jungle - As I See It: Wake Up Call
    • She was 39 at the time of diagnosis, a Chinese woman, non-meat eater, with no genetic or lifestyle predispositions to cancer. Under the circumstances, what her doctor found was highly unusual: multiple primary tumors in her right breast. It was only later that he discovered the multi-focal cancer pattern exactly matched the shape and location of her cell phone.
    • industry will quickly point to dozens of studies showing no linkage between health risks and cell phone usage. (...) But those studies, says Dr. Devra Davis of the National Institute of Environmental Health Science, may well be flawed on two accounts.

      First, the majority of those studies were sponsored by manufacturers. (...)

      The second, and more important problem according to Davis, is that these studies were based on an inaccurate premise, namely that the microwave radiation emitted from cell phones is constant, and that any biological impact is caused by the concentration of the signal. The studies, however, noted that the signal is extremely weak, and therefore unlikely to have any harmful effects at all.

      But, says Davis, the signal, although weak, is complex beyond considerations of power and includes elements such as Frequency, Amplitude, Pulse, Intensity, Polarity, and Information Content. Power, it turns out, is not the problem, rather it’s the erratic nature of pulsed microwave radiation and its ability to disrupt cellular resonance and interfere with DNA repair. The danger, explains Dr. Davis, is not the dose, but the characteristics of the dose.
  • 2017.07.20 - The Atlantic - Do Cellphones Cause Brain Cancer or Not?
    • Several of the biggest studies that have sought a connection between cellphone use and cancer found no correlation. (Two of the most notable recent examples of large prospective studies that found no link are here and here.) The U.K. Imperial College London is still working on one highly anticipated study, which is investigating the possible health effects of long-term cellphone use across five European countries.
    • In 2015, nearly 200 scientists from across the world signed an open letter urging the United Nations and the World Health Organization to develop stricter rules around wireless technology and public health. Their concerns weren’t limited to cellphones, but included a slew of devices like baby monitors, WiFi, cordless phones, and so on.
    • A National Toxicology Program study last year found that male rats exposed to cellphone radiation for about nine hours a day over a two-year period were more likely to develop two kinds of malignant tumors, including gliomas.
  • 2017.07.21 - Careless Science - How cell phone / WiFi radiation can hurt you and how to fight it
  • 2017.12.13 - California Department of Public Health (CDPH) - CDPH Issues Guidelines on How to Reduce Exposure to Radio Frequency Energy from Cell Phones
    • The new CDPH guidance includes practical steps both adults and children could take to reduce exposure to radio frequency energy from cell phones. That includes:
      • Keeping the phone away from the body
        • Airplane mode turns off cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.
      • Reducing cell phone use when the signal is weak
      • Reducing the use of cell phones to stream audio or video, or to download or upload large files
      • Keeping the phone away from the bed at night
      • Removing headsets when not on a call
      • Avoiding products that claim to block radio frequency energy. These products may actually increase your exposure.
        • According to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, products that interfere with the phone’s signal may force it to work harder and emit more RF energy in order to stay connected, possibly increasing your exposure.
  • 2018.03.29 - The Nation - How Big Wireless Made Us Think That Cell Phones Are Safe: A Special Investigation
  • 2018.03.31 - Center for Electrosmog Prevention - Is your beloved cell phone killing you?

Arguments that cell phones do not cause cancer

Products to help protect people from the cancer risk

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  • PhysLink - Why can't light pass through objects?
    • If gamma rays can travel through walls, and radio waves can travel through walls, and they are on opposite ends of the electromagnetic spectrum, then why can't light travel through walls which is right in the middle of the spectrum?

Clogged Sinuses

What My Family Members Have Died From

Mother's side of the family

  • My grandmother died from lung cancer, but she was a heavy smoker so it isn't surprising.
  • My grandfather died from lymphoma.
    • My mom on the issue:
      • Lymphoma I think? It was like a leukemia. He never smoked. It was the lymphoma that created the Alzheimer’s like symptoms. He always slept a regular amount. In bed by 10-11, up at 7 or so. I think up at 6 when with Margaret. He would bring her tea. I don’t remember alarm clock but I suppose there was one when working.
      • We never put weed killer on the lawn. Household cleaners were simple soaps - windex, pledge. No poisons to kill bugs or mice.
      • I read once there was a relationship between date of death and if a kid grew up in hardship. In England during war there was rationing, perhaps limited food? But probably not for dad, they lived near a farm. I just noted that because dad and mom died relatively young. While their parents lived long. Dad did take medicines for high blood pressure for 10-20 years.
  • When my grandparents' parents died: Dads mom and moms dad [lived] till [their] 80s