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  • 1995 - Charlie Munger - The Psychology of Human Misjudgment
    • Later, updated version: Charlie Munger - The Psychology of Human Misjudgement
    • TODO: Summarize his explanations and examples.
    • List of the common causes of human misjudgment:
      • Under-recognition of the power of what psychologists call “reinforcement” and economists call “incentives” / Reward and punishment superresponse tendency
      • Simple psychological denial
      • Incentive-cause bias
      • Bias from consistency and commitment tendency
      • Bias from Pavlovian association
      • Bias from reciprocation tendency
      • Bias from over-influence by social proof
      • Better to be roughly right than precisely wrong
      • Bias from contrast-caused distortions of sensation, perception and cognition
      • Bias from over-influence by authority
      • Bias from deprival super-reaction syndrome
      • Bias from envy/jealousy
      • Bias from chemical dependency
      • Bias from mis-gambling compulsion
      • Bias from liking distortion
      • Bias from the non-mathematical nature of the human brain
      • Bias from over-influence by extra-vivid evidence
      • Mental confusion caused by information not arrayed in the mind
      • Other normal limitations of sensation, memory, cognition and knowledge
      • Stress-induced mental changes
      • Other common mental illnesses and declines
      • Mental and organizational confusion from say-something syndrome