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  • TimeLeft is what I used when I was studying for the LSAT.

  • Trello
    • 2014.09.02 - - How I build my minimum viable products
      • So how do I know what I’m doing in a day? I used to have serious difficulties getting tasks done. Trello helps a lot. It’s a kan-ban type system that lets you make lists with cards in it. Each card can be a task. You can arrange lists whichever way you want. And you can have multiple boards for different projects. Just go try it now, it’s free and awesome.

        I have a particular workflow with Trello. I think I saw somebody else on Hacker News do this and that’s where I copied it from. I have a list for this year, this month, this week, today and now. When I go do something I drag it in to the ‘now’ list. That gives me an immediate sense of action and knowing what to focus on.

        When I finish the task, I drag it to the list on the left. This list holds all completed tasks for this week. At the end of the week, I move this entire list out of the ‘to-do’ board to the ‘finished’ board.

        Now it’s out of my way. This list is important because it gives you a sense of satisfaction and loose measurement of how productive your week is. And the fun thing is, after a while of doing this, you can go to the ‘finished’ board and see everything you did for the last X weeks. And it makes you feel quite productive and proud of yourself! ^_^

    • His "To-do" board, where each list represents a different timespan: 
    • His "Done" board, where each week is its own list: 

ToDoList ... to-keep-on

Very interesting explanation of integrating tips from "Getting Things Done" with ToDoList:
- it also has a summary of GTD