Food (Social issue)

  • Green Energy Efficient Homes - Is it dangerous to eat yogurt that has been left out overnight?
    • Don’t forget that yogurt, along with cheese, sour cream, kefir, and buttermilk are created by bacterial action on milk, and were developed by early farming peoples as ways of preserving milk, centuries or millenia before modern refrigeration was invented. Cheese is a great way to store milk protein and fats for long periods – my nephew led a 75 day canoe trip through Canada’s arctic last summer, and they carried something like 40 lbs of unrefrigerated cheese (cheddar), some of it for over two months.
      • I thought this was a great example of food as a technology; it was developed to solve a particular problem, and if that problem ceases to be a problem, then a major justification for eating that food would seem to be gone.