Grooming / Fashion

  • How to clean the bras: soak in soapy water for 3 hours and then rinse 3 times.
  • Pay local artists to paint you before you go out to a bar.
  • Spectre Morocco Post-Train Outfit
    • Great example of how clothes aren't everything (or even the main thing). Compare the photos of Bond at the beginning to the video of the guy in the same outfit at the end. The guy in the video isn't in great shape, doesn't have as attractive a face, isn't standing in an exotic location, and doesn't have a beautiful woman standing next to him. So all of those things are things that people may be being influenced (impressed) by but attributing to the suit.
  • If you put too much soap in your laundry, not all the soap will get out by the time the washer is done, and I suspect that can lead to skin aggravation when you're wearing and sweating in the clothing.
  • Twitter - A poncho with lights on it