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- I've heard from multiple sources that San Francisco is an incredible place (if not THE place) to live weather-wise: my friend John, John T Reed (google him), misc people i've spoken to from there.

- London has milder weather (good) but more rain and less sunlight owing to its higher latitude (bad).
- Bern is a little more exaggerated than London

- it seems as though different areas have different pros and cons. it may not be easy to predict whether one particular area would be better than another.
- i think the basic principle I can think of to follow is, "live where you'll end up thinking you're living a better life than everyone else you know"

factors to consider:
the people:
- culture (language, values)
- average ages (suburbs are mostly filled with families)
other stuff:
- job market
- weather (sunlight, temperature, humidity)

- one way to get an idea of what it would be like to live in a new area is to open two tabs in firefox/IE, go to google maps in both tabs, go to your current place of residence (college, hometown, etc.) in one tab, go to your prospective place of residence (east village, DC, san fran) in the other, set the scale to the same thing (look at the bottom right of the map; I like the 2000 ft scale), and then play around with the maps so that your current house is in the same place on the screen as your prospective house.
- now you can flip between the tabs and have an idea of what it would be like to walk around while living at your new house based on what it's like walking to different places in your current house. for example, if it's a pain to walk to a particular grocery store where you currently live, and you can see that a cool park in the new place would be the same distance from your prospective house, you might think twice about living so far from the park

http://artofmanliness.com/2011/02/15/cr ... -you-live/


My favorite weather


  • 2018.01.30 - This is an absolutely perfect day. I want to record the weather stats so I can look for places that have weather like this. It's around 84-88 degrees, but with a humidity of only 22-24%, and a wind speed of 4-5mph (I'm using the range of numbers I'm getting from several different websites). BBC says the pressure is 1009 mb, with "Moderate" visibility. The sky is totally blue, with no clouds. It's warmer in the shade than it usually is in Los Angeles or the Bay Area, but there's a wonderful light and cool breeze. It's just wonderful working in the shade with weather like this. The big problem I have with LA (and to a lesser extent the Bay Area) is that it gets cold in the shade, because the humidity is too low. This is weather right in that perfect spot where that too-cold-in-the-shade issue is gone, but it's also not hot in the shade.
  • 2018.01.31 - Another spectacular day. 73-80 F ("AccuWeather RealFeel 81 F"), 37-44% humidity, 3-10 mph wind, pressure at 1014 mb (BBC). It's a little cool in the shade, although I think I was wearing pants yesterday and today I'm wearing shorts. But I think I definitely notice that the breeze is cooler than yesterday. It feels like one of those perfect days in May on the east coast when you think it's so amazing outside you have to take a long bicycle trip to Nyack: you have no choice in the matter; it would be a crime not to do it.
  • 2018.02.03 - Today it's just a tiny bit over the edge of comfortable while wearing a t-shirt. There's still a nice cool breeze, but just sitting in the shade I feel a little hot with my Lacoste shirt on (which is somewhat-heavy cotton(?)). I just took off my shirt and I'm more comfortable, similar to being in DC, but still a tiny bit warmer than I would prefer. 79-82 degrees, humidity 48-71% (71 is from the BBC, all the others say ~48), 10 mph wind, pressure 1018 mb. It's the humidity that's doing it. I would maybe describe this as "close-to-perfect, maybe a little cool beach weather", because it has that slightly-stronger breeze I associate with being next to the ocean, and the humidity's great if you're not wearing a shirt and wearing very light swimming trunks and sandals. A little more humid might be preferable to some people at the beach. And this weather might be comfortable with a tank top, but I'm not going to bother trying it.
  • 2018.10.31 - A beautiful day, the first one in ages.  Google shows the weather as being 83 degrees, 58% humidity, 16 mph wind (I feel an intermittent, light, cool breeze).  BBC says 82 degrees, 51% humidity.  It's overcast which means no strong sun, just nice bright light.  I'm wearing my sandals, light cotton shorts, and a cotton tank top.  I'm working from the shade (Clay Studio).  It might feel a little warm out if I was wearing a Lacoste shirt, which is heavier / hotter than the tank tops I've started wearing instead.  It might also feel a little warm if I was out in the "sun" (overcast sun), but I'm not going to bother to try it.