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Windows' equivalent to grep: "findstr"

  • To find all lines in all files that have a certain string, including subfolders:
    • findstr /S "string_to_match" ./*
      • The "/S" searches subfolders.

My settings

Taskbar settings

  • Lock the tasbar – Off
  • Automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode – On
    • I think I like this. It's really helpful for getting more vertical space when you're coding.
  • Use small taskbar buttons – On
    • This makes it take up less vertical space.
  • Use Peek to preview the desktop when you move your mouse to the Show desktop button at the end of the tasbar – Off
    • I kept enabling this by accident, which was annoying, so I turned it off.
  • Taskbar location on screen: Bottom
    • I saw in the deep learning course by Jeremy Howard (the guy) that he has his Windows taskbar on the left edge, which gives him more vertical space (useful for coding). I tried the left edge, then switched it to the right edge so that the time and system tray would stay in the bottom right corner, and then decided to stick with the lower edge when I saw that I could make the taskbar narrower and hidden.
  • Combine taskbar buttons: Always, hide labels
    • I don't remember what this does.

System tray

  • Disable "Show People icon"
  • Always-visible icons (in order from left to right): Upwork, Skype, Dropbox, Sound-level, Wifi, Current time
    • This is based on 1) frequency with which I look at the icon (e.g. Upwork, Skype, sound-level, Wifi, current time) and also 2) the frequency with which I click on the icon (Dropbox).

Start menu

  • Chrome, PyCharm, Sourcetree
    Rhymecraft (Dropbox), rhymecraft (2) (PyCharm project), Balsamiq Mockups
    Sublime Text 2, Notepad, Notepad++
    Dimmer, Documents, pageant
    Magic Tapes, VLC, Vuze downloads
  • I never use ST2, Notepad, or Vuze anymore, so it might be best to get rid of them.


  • I have five desktops.
  • I keep my music on the last one (furthest to the right).
  • I use the other four to organize different projects that I have going simultaneously.
  • At one time I was using one desktop to track time and tasks: I had my Google Calendar and Trello on the left side of the screen, and Notepad on the right half (short-term task-list).

Mouse settings

  • Mouse sensitivity is set to the sixth option from the left.


  • Disable "Change brightness automatically when lighting changes".
    • Having this enabled had my laptop's brightness much too low when I was sitting outside on a bright day.


  • Login screen:
    • If you log off and want to switch to your other account (assuming you have only two), press Enter to have the users show up, then press Tab four times to switch from your current account to the password box of the other account.
  • Open a program: Press and release the Windows key in the bottom-left of the keyboard, then when the search box opens up start typing out the name of the program.
  • Open the task manager: Ctrl+Shift+Esc
  • Log off – Win+x to open the menu, then "u" to select "Shut down or sign out", then "i" to select "Sign out".


Misc thoughts

  • It's obnoxious that the order of my programs on the taskbar gets changed when I switch between desktops.