Throwing a party

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How to do it well

  • You must vet the people trying to enter the party.
    • Mood
      • If someone's in a bad mood, they're going to bring down the general mood at the party.

Examples of good parties

  • 2017.03.12 - YouTube - hurfyd - CoastDream - Soft Moon
    • Awesome, just awesome.
    • It reminds me of the big bicycle events in DC / LA that John would always talk about.
    • I think DC also had some kind of walking event, but I don't remember what it was.
    • This is also like the floats in the Pride parades.
    • It may be worth noting that–apparently–the dancers in the video were not dancing to the song that is featured in the video. And the video is (obviously) an edited-down depiction of what it would have been like to be present at that event. So the video may not be conveying the actual feeling of being at the party.
    • Cool things they did:
      • Costumes
      • Good dancers
      • Cool lights on the truck
      • They rented a huge 16-wheeler(?) to hold everyone in.
      • It was totally improvised / not part of a big bureaucratic event.
      • The dancers were doing crazy stuff like hanging upside-down off the outside of the truck with their heads just above the street.