2008 - Movie-Making Checklist
As a senior in college I took a class called "Directing for the Camera" in which students learned how to create short films. Over the course of the semester I was involved in creating multiple short films (working on both my own films and other students' films), and I was repeatedly struck by 1) just how many things can go wrong when trying to make a film, and 2) how important it is to get everything right when you have a team of 5 people donating their time to your project. One thing I was careful to do was to explain WHY each step was important to follow; I would explain what bad thing could happen if you didn't follow that step. I sent the checklist around to my classmates and my teacher was very pleased.

Here's a link to the checklist I created. ... CKLIST.doc

2013 - Gym Checklist
In 2013 I began going to a gym again to lift weights and was repeatedly annoyed when I forgot one small item or another. For example, I might forget my deodorant one day (a minor annoyance), or I might forget Jojoba oil another day (a major annoyance since the skin on my face and scalp can get very dry after being blasted with water from a shower). Other days I would forget socks, or a new pair of underwear.

Remembering "The Checklist Manifesto", I decided to make a checklist to ensure that I stopped having these problems. And to make sure I used it, I taped the list to the side of my bookshelf, where it would be easy for me to look at right before leaving my house.

Here are pictures of the checklist taped to the side of my bookshelf: ... st%201.JPG ... st%202.JPG