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  • "Wow, this is the first comprehensible documentation on OAuth (post 1.0, which I actually did understand) I've ever seen. If the author of the StackOverflow post is on here, please publish a book, I'll buy it." (src)


  • "I spent a few minutes looking through your wiki and other pages on the internet. You have done a great job communicating and documenting your thinking. Unlike anything I've seen. Well done."  - Jeremy Baker - cofounder of Retail Zipline, in an email.
  • "I have 100 books that I have referred to throughout my life to revisit the learned principles of other great men and women. However, I can’t find the time to read or energy to focus as my head is solving 19 other problems in the back of my head and my bandwidth is gone. You have impeccable style and I had no trouble coming back to your reading and found it incredibly easy to focus on the words of Edward Lefevre." - Joey Mentz, praising my reading of Reminiscences of a Stock Operator in an email.

  • "Hey Nathan, Thank you for the excellent application. (...)" Joe Guilmette of Soflyy, in an email, about my application to work for them.

  • Hey Nathan,
    I've been a follower of yours(and your blog) for quite a few years since I was prepping for the LSAT & found your guide in like 2013. I ended up not doing law school (in big part to a low gpa & fear of attending a mid-tier law school w/ lots of debt simply because I had no other plan), & I spent a lot of time sulking/trying to figure out what to do. I'd never been a math/STEM person, but reading/watching your path into Programming ended up inspiring me to give it a shot despite having little confidence in the idea.
    Lots of books/blogs/podcasts and a university attempt at Calculus(made an A) gave me the confidence to give it an earnest shot & I've made good enough progress that I'm going to start looking for work in Texas(DFW,Austin).
    Anyways, your path was pretty inspiring and was the spark that lead me towards programming. It's taken me longer than I had hoped(just turned 29) but I'm closer. So, I just wanted to say Thanks for documenting your journey & for the inspiration; and keep moving forward, man. You've made some pivotal influence you were probably unaware of.
    I've focused on Java/Android and started learning ReactJS(hopefully that's enough to get me hired). Here's my first official app that was a good learning project. It's called Almost There. In case you wanted to see a product of said inspiration haha.



  • "Hey team, Wanted to quickly recognize Nathan for all the Videos he has captured from our Team Sync + Product Launch + Lightning Talk meetings. They are super helpful for those that aren't present in the office for the discussions and have helped me immensely in learning about products+roadmap without having to bug Nikhil/Sean/Nate/JM/Yang. Thanks Nathan !!!..... for taking the time to record, organize, and distribute these to the team. You going above and beyond to catalog the internal knowledge that is shared does not go un-noticed."
    • 2016.08.16 - 

My resume

  • "Your CV is one of the most refreshing I have read in a long time." - James Bourne, FireDaemon Support
  • "Great resume - I like how you list specific accomplishments rather than generic buzzwords!" - Jakob Buron -
  • "I like the way you have laid this out, probably one of the best I have seen." - Matthew J. Park, Strategic Innovation Group, Booz Allen Hamilton


  • "You did a really nice job on the [application to work at our hedge fund]." - Spencer Greenberg, head of Rebellion Research, which uses machine learning (linear algebra) to value invest like Warren Buffett. He has been featured in a book ("Dark Pools") and in the media (eg the Economist, CNBC, etc.).
    • If you're interested in seeing my responses to his application (along with the application questions), let me know. I've taken my responses offline at Spencer's request to prevent people from copying my answers. [If you're curious, I didn't get the job I was applying for because I needed more programming experience. He told me to contact him in a year or two.]


Unsolicited praise from USAMO winner, 5th-in-his-class Princeton graduate, former D.E. Shaw employee, and founder of The Art of Problem SolvingRichard Rusczyk

Wow; thanks. You really crushed that [problem I had].
[Source: ... 3&t=542039]

My page on Michael Burry was cited as one of the top sources for a front-page article in the Vietnam Financial Press

2013.11.11 - An email sent from a coworker to my boss


Please call Mr. Kulbir Singh 703-498-4745. He called & said he would like to speak with you to tell you how awesome Nathan's customer service was on Friday. He said Nathan was patient & spent hours getting everything correcr [sic] for him. He says he is very happy with Hitch & the customer service we provide.


2013.12.15 - Famous videogame maker praises me

George Broussard, the very famous lead developer of Duke Nukem 3D, told Notch (the billionaire and very famous creator of Minecraft) that I had a "really good idea"
06:24:40 - Says hi to Notch
06:25:08 - "One of the guys in the stream here, I think Nathan, had a really good idea to put a shield in to try and block damage."


2012 - Unsolicited thank-you card from a former Rhodes Scholar I had as an LSAT student

Dear Nathan,
Thank you for being a truly extraordinary teacher--You bring a level of commitment and genuine passion to creating success in your students that is exceedingly rare. Your own deep expertise with the test and the learning process, combined with your ability to think creatively, flexibly, and intuitively about the needs of each student and circumstance are unique -- I'm very lucky you have been my LSAT teacher -- Thank you!
  • I can provide her name / contact info on request.

A short film I made for a "Directing For the Camera" class in college is one of my professor's favorite student films and the first one she showed at a presentation

This is four years after I took the course, and it was the first film she chose to show in an exhibition of six of her student films: ... ent-films/
[I'm referred to by my Argentinian name, Pablo Moretto]

The first film was made by former student Pablo Moretto. The shots of the film were taken mostly from afar and they showed a man walking through the woods. During these shots there was a narrator describing, in first-person narrative, some of the adventures that he had in Maine. One incident is mentioned in which the narrator pridefully shoots a bird, but is later struck with feelings of guilt at killing an innocent animal. The film ends with his giving the bird a proper burial.


2010 - While studying for the LSAT I did a trial session with an LSAT tutor who got a perfect score (180), and she said she had never seen anyone who had prepared to the depth that I was preparing

  • Unfortunately she told me this in person, not via email, so I don't have proof that she said it, and she may not even remember me at this point.
  • Her name: Laura Hirsch
  • Her email: